Chyrp may be all the blog you need

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Some blogs are designed to be money-makers for their owners. Others are just there to express a point of view or comment on the general state of things. If you're looking a getting a start in blogging of the second type, you may not need all the bells and whistles—and administrative overhead—of a full-on blog platform like WordPress. For you, life may be easier if you start off with "blog-light".

Chyrp is a lightweight blogging engine driven by PHP and MySQL. Built explicitly to support both "tumblelog" and plain-old text blogging, it lets you blog the way you want to. Installation is simple: just upload Chyrp to your server and run the installer through your web browser. Administration is so simple that there's no manual needed.

While Chyrp itself is simple in design, there are still a bunch of plug-ins you can install, allowing you to extend its capabilities far beyond its default "out of the box" configuration.

Chyrp requires that your server have (at least) a MySQL ver. 4.1 database, PHP ver. 4.4.7, and Apache 1.1.3.

Download Chyrp

2 Responses to “Chyrp may be all the blog you need”

  1. Barfly says:

    Another demo..this place is getting sad indeed 🙁

  2. Cheapy says:

    I don’t see anything on the site to indicate that it’s a demo. There is a separate “demo” link, where users can hook into a hosted version of the app. Given that, it doesn’t make sense for them to then allow you to download another demo version.

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