You won't lose your mind with Keep-It

screenshot of Keep-It

As you work your way through revision after revision of a document, have you ever realized that you just shouldn't have made that last change? How do you go back and undo it? You may just be out of luck, unless you're using Keep-It.

Keep-It is a real world archive tool that sit somewhere between a version control system and a file archive system. You don't need to check documents in and out, so you don't have to remember to do anything—hey, if you remembered, you wouldn't have gotten into this situation to start with!

Archives comprise "snapshots", a moment-in-time capture of your document. You can create them as needed, or schedule them in advance, so you're always protected. Keep-It compresses the archive it creates, so you aren't filling up all your spare disk space with changes. Browsing through your snapshots is easy, using its Windows Explorer-like interface.

Keep-It is a Windows app and requires Win95 or later.

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