My Lockbox makes it easy to secure your data

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One of the ongoing themes during the 2000 Presidential campaign was Al Gore and his "lock box." While he was addressing the handling of the Social Security program, we've found a lock box that handles the security of your data.

My Lockbox is a tool that lets you password protect folders on your Windows system. When you set up a protected directory, that folder is invisible to all users and applications on your system, as well as to anybody else on your network. To access your protected directory, just fire-up the control panel in the Windows Start menu, and log in. You can also define a hot key to use to make it even easier to get into your protected directory.

My Lockbox requires Windows 2000 or later, and supports 64-bit environments as well.

Download My Lockbox

2 Responses to “My Lockbox makes it easy to secure your data”

  1. Rob says:

    I tried this product several months ago…until I learned that the Lockbox could easily be revealed by terminating the process in Task Manager. Perhaps the flaw has been fixed by now, but I’ll steer clear of this one until I know for sure that it’s really been made secure.

  2. MBL says:

    This program doesn’t encrypt my files. Assuming that it really can protect my files from other users on my computer or the network, it provides NO protection when my disk is moved to another computer and used as a secondary disk.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

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