ClipX unleashes the power of your Windows clipboard

screenshot of ClipX

If you live in the world of cut-and-paste, then you know what a pain your system's clipboard can be. With only one chunk of text, or one image, you have to do a whole lot of back-and-forth to really get anything done. What if you could work with multiple clipboards? Wouldn't it be nice to grab all the pieces you need and just go from there?

ClipX is a clipboard manager for Windows that allows you to grab multiple text and image items and keep track of and use them. Sitting in your System Tray, ClipX can keep track of hundreds of clipboard entries and call them up as you need them. No longer will you need to copy and then paste into a text editor to keep track of what you're working with.

Configurable hotkeys let you customize ClipX to work best for you. There are bunches of plugins available to extend the functionality of this helpful tool, as well as a software developers' kit (SDK) that allows you to customize it even further.

ClipX is a Windows application.

Download ClipX

7 Responses to “ClipX unleashes the power of your Windows clipboard”

  1. Goran says:

    Hello, sounds useful, for me…
    …but the link is broken?

  2. Cheapy says:

    I think the Clipx server is down today… If the link doesn’t work, try again later.

  3. Goran says:

    ok, thanx a lot, I’ll wait till tommotow.

    Kind regards, Goran

  4. Jack says:

    Bad Request (Invalid Host name). And I really want this!

  5. morcos says:

    the link to this ClipX does not work. excellent site btw.

  6. Bill says:

    clipx is a really nice program,

    just to add plugins, you have to make a new directory called plugins.

    i got that info from another site after trying to use plugins and not being able to.

  7. Goran says:

    The Site is ON!!!

    Thanks for this, It is really usefull.