Mailinator is another take on the throwaway email address

screenshot of Mailinator

Throwaway email addresses are an important tool in the fight against spam. You know the drill: you want to sign up for a free this or that—online subscription, access to some hidden information, or what have you. You have to supply a valid email address, but you know that the minute you hit the "send" button, you're going to be deluged in spam. You need a throwaway address, where it makes no difference what the spammers send your way.

Mailinator is a free service that gives you a throwaway email address. It has several advantages over similar offerings elsewhere. First, there is no sign up—just tell your contact to send mail to or, and it will go there, without your having to create the account ahead of time. If you need to check that email—to send back a verification, for instance—you have several options. Go back to the Mailinator web site; subscribe to their RSS feed for that address; put a Mailinator widget on any web page; or access the mailbox directly at http://:<accountname>

Remember, of course, that there's no security here, so this is not the service you want to use to pass the launch codes along to your friends, for example.

Mailinator is a free service and should support most modern web browsers.

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