CheckOff may help rid your monitor of PostIts

screenshot of CheckOff

There are just too darn many things to do. When was the last time you saw your desktop, or the bezel of your monitor? Between the piles of to-do lists, and all the sticky notes hanging on the walls, it's a wonder we get anything done.

CheckOff is a slick little to-do list that sits on the menu bar of your Mac. You can enter individual items, each with an associated note. For related tasks, you can create groups, helping you to better organize your life. Colored labels make it easy to spot work-related items, or personal stuff.

CheckOff is a Mac application, and can be downloaded as a Universal Binary. It requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard), although there are reports that it may run on Panther or Tiger as well.

Download CheckOff

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