PDFTextOnline delivers the content without the fluff

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PDF files are a great thing. They allow you to share content across platforms, since everybody understands that file format. You maintain formatting and layout in your documents. They support images, The list goes on and on: PDFs are really a de facto standard for documents on the Web.

What do you do when you're only really interested in the text of that PDF document? There's no easy way to extract just that content, divorced from any formatting, layout, or graphic elements. Sure, you can copy and paste from a document, or maybe you can come up with a better way to spend your day.

PDFTextOnline is a free service that will give you your day back. With no login or account required, you just browse to- and select your PDF file, click the magic button, and PDFTextOnline takes it from there. It extracts the text from your file, and also reveals any form data from the PDF. In addition, it also shows you document properties, revealing the document's author, the tools used, etc.

You can view the resulting text onscreen, or you can choose to download it. Your text-only download is placed in a ZIP archive for you.

PDFTextOnline is a free service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

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