Open Contacts helps you keep track of who's on first

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At its base, an address book—whether a paper list, or a software application—is charged with keeping track of all the names and phone numbers we need to make it through the day, both personally and professionally. There are a whole range of tools out there that handle that responsibility nicely.

Open Contacts takes that basic functionality and adds to it. Along with the canned fields and categories offered, it allows you to add new fields, and to define relationships between people. It's easy to grab whole groups of people—work contacts, family, vendors, and more.

An exhaustive search capability makes it easy to search on any, or multiple, fields, so you can find everybody with a birthday in March, or everybody who lives in Springfield.

You can import contacts from your address books in many popular email applications. You can export your contact info in several useful formats (Excel, CSV, HTML), and you can print contact lists and labels.

Open Contacts is self-contained, and with a small footprint, you can put the whole app and your database on a USB thumb drive and take it with you.

Open Contacts is a Windows application. It requires Win98 or later.

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  1. Bukowski says:

    This program is poorly done, it DOES what it says it will but it almost looks like it was written for windows 3.1 🙁
    Another thing that i had a problem with is changing the background color, I wanted it Black and it just would not do it..ARRGHH!!.
    One more thing, it says it will import XML but i had no success in doing it from my contacts on Active Desktop calender .

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