It's the end of hunt-and-peck typing: Stamina Typing Tutor

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Everything's all about computer keyboards, but does anybody really know how to type? Back in the day, you could take Typing in high school, although as a guy, you might have been looked down as taking a class "for girls". In retrospect, that's probably the most important class I ever took. With the importance of typing, the most significant method of data entry out there, it's amazing how many people still use the tried-and-true methods of hunt-and-peck, or two-finger typing. Certainly not the most efficient way to get things done.

You may be beyond the age where the remedial typing class is an option for you, but you would still like to become at least a bit more proficient at typing. Maybe you'd like to give Stamina Typing Tutor a try.

Stamina Typing Tutor supports multiple languages and layouts, so whether you're trying to wrestle the traditional QWERTY keyboard to the ground, or want to try something more exotic like a Dvorak layout, it's all here for you. There's even an alternative method that they suggest that they claim will lead to a reduction in hand stress. Drills are provided to help you focus on particular skills. It keeps track of how you're doing, so you can watch your progress over time, and see how much faster you're getting.

If you're tired of thinking faster than you can type, Stamina Typing Tutor maybe just they help you're looking for.

Stamina Typing Tutor is a Windows application, and will run on just about any Win32 platform, from Win95 or NT on up to Vista.

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  1. Richard van Buren says:

    Nice looking typing tutor, just don forget to type the spaces between te groups 😉

    Oh, and it will run under Wine (Ubuntu Linux 7.04) too; which is quite handy since TuxType still hasn been completed. I like the program!

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