Keep track of your high priorities with Hott Notes

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We're always looking for a way to get more organized and try to stay on top of all the "stuff" we've got to keep track of. If this sounds like your situation, here's a tool that may help you to finally get organized.

Hott Notes is a slick little application for your Windows system that lets you create virtual "sticky notes" to help you keep track of what you need to keep track of. Your notes can be one of three types of reminders. There's a message note, freeform text to remind you to pick up that carton of milk on the way home. You can create a checklist note, that allows you to enter text into multiple fields, each prepended with a checkbox so you can keep track of what you've accomplished and what remains to be done. And finally, there's the scribble note, a note where you can draw pictures or write your notes freehand—great if you have a stylus to work with.

A note manager allows you to deal with your notes: organize them, delete them, archive them, or perform batch functions of them.

Hott Notes is a Windows application. It requires Win2k/XP/Vista.

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