SmarterStats Free Edition is web traffic reporting for you

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If you're responsible for the care and feeding of a website, you know that creating the site is only part of the job. After you're up and running, you need to see who comes to visit, and tweak the verbiage and pictures to make sure that folks are getting to the pages you want them to visit, and hopefully signing-up for those newsletters and buying your products. In order to do this, you need to look at your server's access logs.

Raw logs contain all of the information about who came calling, but not in the most friendly or intuitive format. Website statistics programs can help make sense out of all that data. SmarterStats Free Edition is one such tool, at a price you can't beat.

Who came to visit? Which pages did they see? Where did they come from? If they came via a search engine, which terms did they search on? This kind of data and more is yours with SmarterStats. While the publisher offers "Pro" and "Enterprise" editions of this tool for reasonable prices, this free edition gives you much of the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition—at a greatly reduced price—although you can only monitor one site with the free product.

SmarterStats is a Windows tool. It requires Window 2000 or later, and version 1.1 of the .NET framework.

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