XYplorerFree: the portable Windows file manager

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Ever since the beginning of time—or at least Windows 95—we've all used Windows Explorer to get around in the Pride of Redmond. (I always kind'a liked Program Manager, but that's the 16-bit solution that's come and gone.) If you don't want to live your life at a "C prompt", you need a desktop manager, and Explorer is the canned solution that comes with Windows.

XYplorerFree is an alternative to Microsoft's idea of how to get around in Windows. It incorporates the main functionality of Windows Explorer, but then adds more. With the use of tabs, you can browse multiple directories or volumes, without having to open multiple windows on your desktop. How about integrated search? Rather than having to use a dedicated "Find" functionality, you can enter search queries directly into the address bar, and it supports Boolean searches and regular expressions as well, so you can really find just what you're looking for, without having to dig through a bunch of stuff you're really not interested in. Color coding files allows you to visually group your work, so you can pick out your mist important documents.

XYplorerFree runs under Windows, requiring Win98 or later. Note that the download link for the free products is at the bottom of the page.

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