Cut down on repetitive cut-and-paste with Piky Basket

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One of the greatest advantages of a graphical user interface for an operating system, as opposed to a straight-up command prompt, is the ability to copy, cut, and paste things from here to there. Grabbing something and moving it is a lot easier than typing torturously long path-and-filename combinations to specify that you you want to move a file or directory from here to there. Unfortunately, if you need to move a lot of things, it can still take quite a bit of time, since your clipboard can handle only one item at a time: grab this file at its original location, stick it on the clipboard, paste it into the new location, repeat. Several times, if you're not lucky.

With Piky Basket, you can grab all the files you want to move, drop them all into the clipboard, and them go paste them en masse into the desired new location. Instead of copy-paste, it's copy-copy-copy-paste. It's great for moving files and directories around, and outstanding if you need to drop those files into multiple locations—like in burning a CD, making a back up, and so forth.

Piky Basket will work with just about any 32-bit version of Windows, from the oldest Win95 up to the latest release of Vista.

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  1. Gautam Jain says:

    Thanks. There is a new version of PikyBasket at

    PikyBasket is now part of PikySuite.

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