andLinux lets you take Linux for a spin without dumping Windows

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Interested in Linux, but don't want to trash your Windows setup? Doing a full-on install may be more of a risk than you want to take, especially if you're just taking it for a spin. There are several packages out there that allow you to run both Windows and Linux on the same box; andLinux may be one of the better ones.

andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system that runs under Windows. It comes with a full complement of applications. Rather than a full Linux desktop, you'll run apps on your existing Windows desktop. You can run andLinux as a command line application, or you can use it as an NT service, where you get a control panel at the top of your desktop, or a new start menu in your System Tray that allows you to run Linux apps. Unlike some dual systems that require you to boot into either Windows or Linux—but not both—with andLinux you start Linux, you don't boot Linux. That means that you can cut-and-paste between Windows and Linux apps, since you're using your standard Windows clipboard.

andLinux is a Windows app. It requires Win2k or later running with an NTFS file system.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly better (for end-users) than Colinux. Sound support is still buggy. Download the KDE version for better application support. Try and then uninstall as the Linux resident portions can drag Windows performance down.

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