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Work is a noble thing. It helps give meaning to our lives. It keeps us occupied and engaged. Oh, yeah, it pays the bills, too.

No matter what other benefits may accrue to us through work, that paycheck is a strong motivator, and a reward for a job well done. Some folks work on salary, or are paid by the project, so everybody agrees ahead of time what will be in the pay envelope. With hourly folks, that's not true.

Whether you work on an hourly basis, or simply want to track your time as it's split between multiple projects, it's important to keep track of how many hours you work, and when those hours are. Whether you track your hours with an electromechanical time clock, a pad of paper on your desk, or some other form, at some point those lists of hours have to be summarized, and the hours turned into dollars. offers more than 40 employee time sheet templates that you can download and print. Categories include weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly, and timesheets with overtime calculation. These PDF files allow you to standardize your data collection, and make it easy for the payroll folks to do their job. Everybody likes it when payroll goes easier.

Customizable versions, which perform the actual calculations, are also available for a nominal charge. These are compatible with Excel, Google Docs, and most other spreadsheet apps.

PrintableTimesheets are compatible with most systems that support PDF files and spreadsheets.

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