Make your words count with Word Counter

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So just how productive are you? You're writing a blog post that has to be 150 words long. Maybe you're writing an AdWords ad and you need a 25-word title. Are we there yet?

Whether it's an online form that requires that you not be too long, or an essay that must be 5000 words in length, size matters. It's not always easy to know just how much you've written.

Word Counter can help with this. Whether it's characters or words that you're interested in, you'll know what you've accomplished. You can type text directly into this tool, copy and paste from other apps, or even drag documents into the window. Interested in a whole folder worth of documents? Just drag multiple files, or even whole directories in, and you're good to go. Along with counting words, you can also take a look at what words are there. Whether it's counting the number of times you use a particular word, or even generating a list of all the words you've used, it's all there.

As you'd expect, Word Counter can work with straight-up text files, but it also handles Word documents (both DOC and WORDML), RTF documents, and even HTML files.

Got a special rule you need to follow, like "ignore if, and, and but"? You can filter your results so you get the count you're looking for. Pretty slick.

Word Counter is a tool for your Macintosh. It's a Universal Binary, so it's equally at home on your PowerPC or x86 Mac. It requires OS X ver 10.4 or later.

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