More than just a cry for help: EndItAll 2

screenshot of EndItAll 2

While it sounds like a cry for help, EndItAll 2 is a tool that lets you shut down other apps all in one place.

You've been there before. You download a new tool, or stick-in the CD to install the latest version of WhizBang 3000, your favorite program. Up comes the window reminding you that you have to shut down all other apps running on your system. This leads to five minutes worth of digging around and trying to shut down all the other stuff you've got running. Some of them go willingly; others require the time-honored three-finger salute.

With EndItAll 2, you can bring up a list of all your currently-running apps, and
you can choose which ones you want to terminate. Close the well-behaved ones, and kill the ones that don't want to cooperate. Don't worry, though—you can't shut down any system-critical apps, so you won't accidentally crash your machine while taking care of business.

You can also script your shutdown, making it handy to perform unattended backups or system maintenance when you're not sitting at the console.

EndItAll 2 is a free Windows app and runs on just about any 32-bit Windows platform from Win95 on up.

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5 Responses to “More than just a cry for help: EndItAll 2”

  1. Jesse says:

    At first I thought “What the hell’s the purpose of this? I have task manager. But then I read how it wont let you shut down system critical apps. Which is GREAT! because now I can take a good look at all of my running applications, and make sure none are viruses pretending to be windows apps. Thank you!

  2. Jesse says:

    Ugh, I think I retract my comment. RIGHT when I install it, it says that you can crash windows with it, and how it’s a powerful program….seems to sort of contradict the description you made for it.

  3. slobu says:

    If it can’t kill system apps then it’s about as powerful as the task manager. Not worth it. Some more advanced process killers actually attach themselves to the running process and tell it to die. Some misbehaved programs and spyware actually hide as privileged system processes. I’d rather have a program that can deal with that.

  4. iladelf says:

    Have used this utility for years. Great for shutting down processes before major gaming sessions. Shuts down processes that can slow a game down when running under Windows.

  5. Shannon says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with jesse on this. Why is it that Free Download A Day provide freebies that the normal Windows OS can do without a special and additional application? This application is pointless. Task Manager works much better. If you don’t know what the processes are, learn them!