SplashUp may be the best image editor you never bought

screenshot of SplashUp

Big deal image editors are nothing to sneeze at. Their power is awesome. Their price is breathtaking. How about a powerful tool that doesn't require that you refinance the kids to pay for it?

SplashUp is a full-featured image editor application with a difference. You can now do heavy-duty image editing in an online tool that doesn't require any installation—or cash outlay. Open this app in your web browser, and you'll see how much it looks like Photoshop. It's got the familiar tool palette with pencil, paintbrush, marquee tool, and more. It supports layers, so it's easy to make changes and add new content to your images. You can save your handiwork to your local drive, or you can easily share your pictures through Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook.

SplashUp is a free online service, that should be compatible with most modern web browsers. You can use it without signing-up, but if you create an account, you can take advantage of online storage of your images.

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