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Printer sharing is a cool thing. You can make the most of your resources by having everybody print to one machine, rather than putting a printer on everybody's desktop. If only it weren't so complicated to configure and set-up that sharing.

PrinterAnywhere lowers the bar on printer sharing. Rather than relying on your expertise in networking, all you do is install the app and let it figure everything out. It detects your local printer and any network printers to which you're connected. Use is simple: you just print the way you normally do from your applications, you just choose the remote printer instead of the one sitting on your desk. And doing regular printer sharing one better, with PrinterAnywhere you can print beyond your network as well.

Your print job is encrypted, so you're safe printing around the block or around the world. And unlike e-mailing documents to other folks for them to print, with PrinterAnywhere the recipient can't keep an electronic copy or accidentally forward it to their whole email address book.

PrinterAnywhere is a Windows application. You need to be running Win2k or later to use it.

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2 Responses to “Print anywhere with PrinterAnywhere”

  1. Kit says:

    I use this and I love it, I was searching for a way to print to my desktop printer from my laptop without setting up a network.
    Some things I want to point out for others though: the computer hooked up to the printer has to be on for you to print remotely. This means that if your printer is at home, you have to keep your home computer on all day in order to print to it from your laptop at work. Also, the free version requires a receipt page with their logo for every print job you create though their software. The only way to avoid that is to upgrade to the paid version which has a monthly fee.

  2. Andrew says:

    Actually, you don’t need your home computer to be on all the time. You can print to the offline printer as well. In this case the job will wait on the server and will arrive when you turn on your home computer.

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