PushPin helps keep you from losing your window—or your mind

screenshot of PushPin

Who's on first? Sure, it's the punchline to an old Abbott & Costello bit, but it's also a question you may ask when you're at work on your PC. You know the drill—you've got several apps running, and each of them has a document or three open, along with a couple of websites, your email client, and all that. Every time you click on a new window, it gets the focus, and everything else goes into the background. It can take a lot of [Alt]+[Tab]-ing to get back to the window you really want to have on top.

PushPin can help you keep that important window on top of all the others. Install this tool on your machine, and now you get an "Always on top" menu item for all system menus (the menu you get when you click on the program icon in the upper-left corner of an application window). Click it, and you'll never have to hunt for your most important window again. Change your mind? It's easy to turn PushPin off as well.

PushPin is a Windows app, and runs under Windows 95, 98, and NT.

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