Awesome Highlighter finally lets you see what the excitement is all about

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You know you've gotten this email: "Oh my goodness, will you look at THAT?!?!" There's inevitably a URL attached, indicating that you've just GOT to look at that page. You dutifully click on the link, look at the page, and decide that your friend / coworker / spouse must be nuts, 'cause you don't see anything of note on that page. Sure, they could have given you a hint in the subject line of the message, but where's the excitement in that?

You don't need to return the favor. When you run across that web page that you've just got to share—will you look at the price they want for widgets?—it's easy to take pity on your reader and make sure they know just what's gotten your knickers all up in a knot.

Awesome Highlighter does one job, and it does it well. When you run across that all-important page, simply enter its address into the Awesome Highlighter address box. It'll take you to your page, and let you highlight the section you're interested in. What's more, it then gives you a special short URL. Send that to your intended audience, and when they click on it, the page you saw with your highlights intact, will display on their browser. No more guesswork. Neat.

Awesome Highlighter is a free online service, so it should run on any system with a modern web browser. You don't have to register, so it really is quick and easy to get going.

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One Response to “Awesome Highlighter finally lets you see what the excitement is all about”

  1. Bill says:

    If you use Firefox there’s already a an add on for this “Linemarker”