It's easy to create icons with Img2Icns

screenshot of Img2Icns

One of the fun things about living in the Mac world is the ease with which you can change file and folder icons. In Windows, you're pretty much stuck with the generic folder image, or the canned icon that comes with an application. On a Mac, it's pretty easy to customize those and make your machine your own. If only there were enough icons to get it all done.

Img2Icns is a free tool that lets you create icons out of other images. With its simple interface, you just drag the file with the picture you want to icon-ize (is that a word?) and drop it on the app, and you've got an instant icon. If you want to change the icon for a file or folder, just drag it over the application window, and you've got your new icon in place.

It supports oodles of image formats, so the sky's pretty much the limit here. All the proportions and transparencies of your originals are preserved, so there are no surprises when you're done.

Img2Icns is a Mac application.

Download Img2Icns

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