Kruptos 2 secures your critical files

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How secure is your data? Whether it's on your hard drive, moving across your network, or even out on the 'Net, there is always a real danger that your important private information may fall into the hands of folks you would rather not have see it. There are plenty of precautions that you can take to secure your data, including firewalls, antivirus tools, secure connections, and more. Here's another arrow to add to your security quiver.

Kruptos 2 is a personal encryption tool that allows you to secure your files with 256-bit encryption. You can change filenames when you encrypt them, so that obvious signs, like files named AllMyPasswordsAreInThisFile.doc don't give away the store. It also has the ability to shred and securely dispose of files you really want to get rid of. In addition, it allows you to create self-decrypting files. This last feature means that you can encrypt a file, email it to somebody else, and then they can decrypt it without having to install this tool, something that generally isn't available with encryption tools.

Kruptos 2 integrates with Windows Explorer, so it's available via a simple right-click of your mouse.

Kruptos 2 is a Windows application. It requires Windows 2000 or later.

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