Sosius is a platform-independent collaboration tool for the Web

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Working together and collaborating on projects is vital to getting things done. With members of project groups often located in different offices, or different time zones, it can be a real challenge to make sure that everybody is current of the status of projects and schedules. Enterprise tools are available to keep track of this kind of stuff, but they don't come cheap and maintaining them can take a platoon of IT guys.

Sosius is an online workspace and collaboration platform. Accessible from any Internet-connected computer, it puts all the tools in one place needed to manage files, contacts, schedules, and more, with 200MB of secure storage space. Whether it's just a place to put files you're working on at home and the office, or you want to collaborate with co-workers, it's all there.

You can create and maintain a blog to get your thoughts out there. Threaded discussions allow folks to work together and make sure everybody's on the same page. You can set permissions to all of your content, so that you can make sure that only people who "need to know" can access selected information.

Sosius is a free online service. It should be available to most anyone with a modern web browser, regardless of the platform they're running on.

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