You won't just plod along when you plot with Plot

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Most spreadsheet apps, like Excel, give you the opportunity to create charts and graphs based on your data. Enter sales performance for the month, and you can turn that textual data into pretty pictures which, frankly, are often easier to comprehend than are a page full of numbers. There are times, however, where the limitations of tools like this are apparent. You may need more horsepower to take care of business here.

Plot is a free 2D scientific plotting program. Since it plots graphs as its primary purpose, it will probably do a better job. With Plot, you can enter the data to be graphed directly, or you can import it from other tools. You can export your plots to several different formats, useful for inclusion in presentations or display on the web. With a built-in macro language, you can automate tedious tasks.

Plot is a Mac application. It runs under OS X 10.3.9 and is distributed as a Universal Binary, so it'll run on either PowerPC or x86 machines.

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