Unstoppable Copier is like an orthopaedic surgeon for your broken files

screenshot of Unstoppable Copier

We've all been there: the only copy you have of some critical file is all messed up. The diskette is munched, the CD is scratched, the hard drive has crashed. You know that there is bound to be some lost data, but you also know that there's a lot of data that is just fine, thank you. Your trusty operating system, however, thinks it knows better. Problems with that track? Can't read that cluster? No need to bail out here.

Unstoppable Copier is a utility for Windows and Linux that will do its dead-level best to read whatever you throw at it. It takes whatever pieces of a file it can get its hands on and try to knit them back together, You can control just how deep you want to go here, from a "take forever and get me everything you can" approach, or dial it back and just skip the unreadable files, with all levels in between.

While half of a binary file may not be of much use to you—depending, of course, on what it is—certainly half a text file is better than nothing.

Download Unstoppable Copier

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