Pixie doesn't sprinkle fairy dust, but it magically tells you which colors you've chosen

screenshot of Pixie

What is that color? If your color perception is challenged like ours, you may not be able to tell whether that's magenta or puce, or just plain red. Trying to match it? Forget it, you're out of luck. Maybe some help is in order.

Pixie is a color picker for Windows. Start it up, point it at your screen, and it'll report back the color you've currently selected. You get color values reported back as RGB, hex, CMYK, and HSV values, so no matter what you're doing with this data, you'll have what you need in the right format.

The app itself is super small, so you won't be giving up your precious disk space or processing power to use this tool every day.

Pixie is a Windows tool. It runs under any Win32 O/S, from Windows 95 on up.

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