Core FTP LE takes the pain out of file transfers

screenshot of Core FTP LE

They may not be glamorous, but FTP programs are vital to getting through the day. Whether it's uploading new web pages, posting downloads, or sending that huge spreadsheet to headquarters, you've really got to use a dedicated tool. Sure, if you're gutsy enough-or nerdy enough—you can do all that from the command prompt, but who needs that kind of grief, right?

Core FTP LE is a free FTP client. With an easy-to-understand GUI, it helps you get your work done, instead of becoming a job in its own right. Along with standard quick-and-dirty FTP transfers, Core FTP LE supports secure SFTP as well. With regular FTP, all your data, including passwords, travels out in the open across the Internet; with SFTP, everything is secure, so you don't have to worry about who's looking at your data as it moves up the wire. It's even HIPAA compliant, so you know that your data is secure.

Core FTP LE is free for personal and educational use. It's a Windows application and runs under Win98 or later.

Download Core FTP LE

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