Delicious Tray makes it easy to access your bookmarks

screenshot of Delicious Tray

You spend a fair amount of time tooling around the Web. You see things; you want to remember them. You flag the good stuff so you can come back. It would be nice if there were an easy way to get back there.

Delicious Tray is a tool that sits in your System Tray and gives you immediate access to your links and tags. When you set it up, it goes out and grabs all your tags and creates a context (right click) menu that includes all your bookmarks. To cut down on clutter, you get flyout lists for each letter (e.g. click on "A" to list all your "A" entries, etc.).

If you're busy adding tags, you can force Delicious Tray to update your list; otherwise, the default is every ten minutes, so you'll always be working with a current list.

Delicious Tray is a Windows app and runs under WinXP. It requires the .NET framework.

Download Delicious Tray

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