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Saving a web page to your local machine can be a bit of a pain. Typically you'll get the page itself, and then a directory full of supporting players, with all the pictures and so forth as well. If you need to move your download, you've got to remember to bring these extras along as well. Not so convenient.

htm2pdf is a free online service that converts web pages into PDF documents. It's easy to use: just enter the page's URL or even just paste its source code into the box, and click the button. You can decide whether to include Flash movies in your conversion, and you have the option of keeping your links active, so that clicking on them in the resulting document will still take you to the correct destination page. When the conversion is done—almost immediately, by the way—you get a link to click to download your new file. Like any other PDF file, you can do with it what you will—save it, email it, post it to your blog.

One word of warning, however, is that your document will be viewable by other folks who visit the site. That means that you may want to think twice before you PDF the Secret Decoder Ring page on your intranet.

htm2pdf is a free online service. It should work for anybody with a modern Web browser.

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