WebbIE is an accessible web browser for the visually impaired

screenshot of WebbIE

The saying goes "it must be true because I saw it on the Internet." While the veracity of that claim is suspect, there is no denying that if you look on the Web for any topic, you will probably find a lot of information.

Back in the day, most of what you found out there was textual—stuff you could read. Over time, it's come to depend more and more on images, movies, and other visual content. That's great, until you need to track down some piece of information and happen to be visually impaired. If this is your story, there are tools out there to help you out.

WebbIE is a fully accessible web browser for users with visual difficulties. With large, high-contrast buttons, sighted users will find it easy to use a mouse to get around. All commands are keyboard accessible, so folks who can't use a pointing device can still get where they need to go. The pages that you visit are presented as straight text, so screen reader tools have an easy time of it.

WebbIE also has an integrated RSS reader, making it easy to stay on top of news feeds. It includes dedicated access to Open Directory Project pages, which can help make it easier to find just the piece of information that users are looking for.

WebbIE is a Windows application. There are two separate installers, one for Win98/ME and another for Win2k/XP/Vista.

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