Angel Writer could be your document's guardian angel

screenshot of Angel Writer

Life is full of choices. Paper or plastic. Credit or debit. Small, lean text editor or behemoth full-featured word processor. What's a geek to do?

Angel Writer is a free rich text editor. More than just a text editor, it knows all about formatting. While you can save documents off as straight ASCII text or HTML code, Angel Writer can also create Microsoft Word-compatible documents, and gives you the flexibility to be able to choose fonts, add pictures, insert tables, create hyperlinks, and more. It's much smaller than Word, zips along at a pretty good clip, and costs much less than the High-Priced Spread. The learning curve is pretty shallow, since many of the commands are similar to Word, meaning that you probably already know how to use it.

Angel Writer is a Windows application, and should run on most any system you've got.

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