PngOptimizer helps keep your images in line

screenshot of PngOptimizer

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files were designed to be the best of both worlds: they don't require the licensing of the technology behind GIF images, and they are a lossless format so that you aren't losing data from your image files. They can suffer, however, from being rather large in size.

PngOptimizer is a free tool that can help you to optimize your PNG files. You can clean-up your existing files, making them smaller in size, or convert them into other lossless formats, such as BMPs and GIFs. It also allows you to make PNG screenshots, which are handy to insert into documents or post to the Web.

PngOptimizer is a Windows app, and requires Win2k or WinXP. It's available in both a GUI version, and also a command line version, suitable for scripting and batch files.

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