DeskSave saves your desktop layout—and your sanity

screenshot of DeskSave

Has this ever happened to you? You've got your desktop icons all laid out just the way you want them. Maybe it's applications over here, and documents over there, or work and personal, or whatever arrangement makes you feel like you're really gonna' get some work done. And then you change the resolution on your screen.

Whether you're coding a new app or looking at a web page, sometimes you need to see what it looks like at a different screen resolution. Now you've done it. Your carefully arranged desktop icons are totally trashed. Windows has been very helpful and rearranged them all for you. Only, now you can't find anything. What makes perfect sense to the O/S makes no sense to you. Despair sets in.

DeskSave is a tool that keeps you from being the victim of Windows' helpfulness. Once you get your desktop configured the way you want, you can save that layout. Now when you have to change your screen, when you restore the original resolution, you get your layout back. If you regularly jump from one size to another, you can save multiple arrangements, so that things always look the way you want them to. No more despair!

DeskSave is a Windows tool. It runs on systems using Win98 or later.

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