IdleBackup makes sure you're always backed-up

screenshot of IdleBackup

IdleBackup is an easy to configure, easy to use system backup tool. Allowing for both full and incremental backups, you select the data to archive by means of a "tree" control with checkboxes—select the branches to back up, deselect what you don't want to record. You can create a backup manually, or set it to work automatically—an "idle backup"—when the system doesn't see any keyboard or mouse activity for a predefined period of time.

You can back data up to a local drive, network volume, or even removable media like USB thumb drives.

IdleBackup comes with a regular Windows installer routine, but if you want, you can use just the executable—great if you're cramped for space, or need to run the app from removable media.

IdleBackup is a Windows tool. It requires Windows 2000 or later.

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