YemuZip lets you tailor your ZIP files to Mac or PC

screenshot of YemuZip

Archive files are a good thing. Collect all your stuff and jam it into a single file. Easy to keep track of; easy to transport. Hey, with ZIP files, you can even share them across platforms. When you go from a Mac to a Windows machine, though, you can get a bunch of nasty looking Mac-only stuff. Don't freak out your Windows-using buddy—try YemuZip.

YemuZip creates ZIP archives, but with a difference. You can choose whether your intended audience is running a Mac or a Windows box. Archives created for Mac bring all the goodies along; those intended for Windows cut all the Mac-specific meta data out, so you get a nice, clean looking archive, instead of one that prompts a lot of questions.

YemuZip is a Mac application. It requires OS X 10.3.9 or later. It's distributed as a Universal Binary, so it's equally at home on PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Download YemuZip

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