FileAmigo—the database system that doesn't require a DBA

screenshot of FileAmigo LE

Databases are valuable repositories of information. You can store data in plain old text files, or even in spreadsheets, but the results may be less than satisfying. Unfortunately, creating real databases can require a lot of heavy lifting to get them up and running. The biggest ones even have their own database administrators (DBAs).

FileAmigo LE tries to lower the bar for creating and maintaining databases. When you start it up, you can choose to create a new database by using a template, importing data, or starting from scratch. You can easily add fields and populate your database. Once the data's in there, you can manipulate it to get done what needs doing. Print directly from the data grid or create reports that grab the relevant information for you. You can even store other files in your database, by either embedding them in your database, or linking directly to them.

FileAmigo LE is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows 9x or later.

Download FileAmigo LE

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