Rearrange icons in Windows taskbar

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Everybody has their own way they want to work. You've got your favorite apps, and you want them laid-out just so. When things are set up right, you just blast through your work and get things done. Change just one of those, though, maybe a window in the wrong location, and you're a fish out of water. Drag them all back where they belong, and you're on your way.

Not so easy, though, is when the icons in the Windows Taskbar get shuffled around. Those guys have a mind of their own, and no amount of coaxing will get them to move to where you want them.

Taskbar Shuffle is a slick little tool that lets you re-order the icons in your Windows taskbar. Click on an icon, and drag it to the left, or drag it to the right, and pretty soon you're back in business. It also lets you rearrange icons in the System Tray. Now you can finally make you machine look the way it needs to for you to get your work done.

Taskbar Shuffle is a Windows application. It runs on just about any 32-bit version, from lowly Win95 on up to Vista.

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  1. Jose Arellano says:

    This program is sweet, it’s nothing I’ve ever seen, it’s pretty helpful when i have some tasks that are jumbled like you have said and let’s me arrange them. Plus, I love that it works for Vista, since unfortunately is my OS.

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