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Pretty as a picture. Or several pictures.

You've got an extensive music collection on your system. You can listen to tunes for a couple of weeks nonstop with no repeats. But are you getting the full experience?

Back in the day, albums came with a 12-inch square piece of art. The cover art on record jackets helped everyone to enjoy the experience even more. With the advent of the CD, this was scaled down considerably, but you could still look at the pretty pictures while you listened to the tunes. With MP3s and other downloadable music, this totally goes away.

MP3 files allow you to associate images with them, but of course you have to go out and get those images. Tools like Album Art Aggregator may help you in that quest. This application looks through your music collection, sees what you've got, and then goes out hunting for the corresponding art to go with your music.

Album Art Aggregator uses Amazon's collected cover art to find the images for your music. Because of limitations in their API, you can only search for one album at a time, but it's still faster than having to do all the digging yourself.

Album Art Aggregator is a Windows app. It also requires the .NET Framework version 1.1.

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