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Way back when, computer displays had two colors: black and green. Squinting at the screen of your Osborne or Kaypro, you had to do your best to make out those glowing green pixels on that teeny-tiny screen. Thank goodness those days are over, although we still bear the scars of that experience with the glasses or contact lenses we don every day.

Writer is an interesting online tool that recaptures the flavor of that experience, but without the pain. Writer advertises itself as "the Internet Typewriter", and that pretty much says it all. Go to the site and you're presented with a bare bones screen, and given a chance to start typing. Now since you're using your fancy new widescreen display, you're not going to go blind, and the characters are in a Courier-like font, making it easier to see what you're typing.

Once you've gotten your thoughts out, you can save them, send them (blog, email, whatever), download them as a TXT file, PDF them, or print them. Preferences allow you to change the font, line spacing, and even the color of the characters—choose Amber to re-capture the Hercules look, which beat the pants off of a CGA display back in the day.

Writer is a free online service. It should be compatible with most systems running a modern Web browser.

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  1. willy says:

    maybe its just me be this seems pointless…. its just green text witha black background, but if i ever need a green text black background notepad i know where to go!

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