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Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and wonder "where do you suppose I could get a pad of six-column columnar ledger paper at this time of the night?" Okay, neither have I, but certainly there have been times when I did need some specialized paper, whether accounting paper like this, or graph paper for laying-out the new garden, or even a couple sheets of notebook paper for the kids to finish their homework. It's not always easy to run to the corner office supply store, and there's no guarantee they'll have what you're looking for anyway. boasts hundreds of different sizes, shapes, and configurations of paper for you to download and print for free. They've got graph paper (with both lines and dots), lined paper, music paper, accounting paper, and penmanship paper—that wide-ruled paper that you used when you were learning how to write. These papers are available in letter-sized, legal-sized, ledger-sized (11 x 17 inches), and even A4-sized for non-US users.

Free Printable Paper is, as the name suggests, free to download and print. You need Adobe Reader, or another application that can open PDF files.

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