Inquisitor search tool is like Spotlight for the Web

screenshot of Inquisitor

It's a big world out there. Zillions of Web pages, with bunches more being added every day. How in the world will you ever find the page you're looking for? Search engines and directories are a big help, of course, but even then you need to have some idea where to start looking—after all, they can't read your mind.

Enter Inquisitor. Start typing your search keywords, and instantly it starts to suggest pages that may help you find what you're looking for, as if it were actually reading your mind. It will even autocomplete your words, offering website suggestions, helping you to get to your goal that much faster. It's designed to work in conjunction with Google and Yahoo, but users can add their own favorites to that list.

Inquisitor is a Mac application. It requires OS X 10.4 or later, and works in conjunction with the Safari browser.

Download Inquisitor

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