PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

screenshot of PC Tools Firewall Plus

It's a dangerous place out there. Problems may be right around the corner, whether on the Internet, or even on your corporate network. Spyware, Trojans, backdoors—the list of threats goes on and on. You can install anti-spyware tools, virus checkers, and a host of other tools, but keeping this stuff off your system to start with may be the important first step.

A properly-configured firewall can make all the difference in the security of your system, and even in the systems of those who share a network with you. By monitoring the activity coming in to and leaving your computer, a firewall lets you know what's really going on with your system. Keystroke loggers, for example, can't just "phone home" and give away your passwords and account numbers. When some program you haven't approved tries to access your network, the firewall's going to ask you if that's okay. Sure, you're willing to let Firefox talk to the world, but when you get some unexpected, gnarly-sounding apps trying to talk to the world from your machine, you'll be able to stop them in their tracks. That helps keep your machine safe; in addition, that keeps the nasties from spreading to other hosts on your network.

PC Tools Firewall Plus is easy to set up and customize to your specific needs. You don't need a computer science degree, and you don't need to have an IT guy in the next cube to get it up and running.

PC Tools Firewall Plus is a Windows application. It requires Windows 2000 or later.

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