Organize your life online with Stikkit

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Stikkit is an online tool that helps you organize all the disparate bits and pieces that make up your life. It's like having a pile of little sticky notes, only better. You can create a stikkit for anything you're interested in keeping track of, like people, events, and ideas. It's clever enough to figure out whether you're typing in a note, a calendar item, or contact information, and categorizes your stikkit accordingly.

You can log in and add or edit your stikkits, but the real savings is when you add a bookmark to your browser. Now whenever you need to take a note or look a something you've already written, it's just a quick click away. It's really helpful if you're taking notes while you browse the web—open a new stikkit and it's automatically populated with the title and URL of your current page.

You can share your stikkits with others, so that you can collaborate and all be on the same page. You can add to your notes via email as well. Each stikkit comes with a discrete email address. Send your note an email and the body of your message becomes a part of the stikkit.

Stikkit is a free online service. It should be compatible with most modern Web browsers.

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  1. FK says:

    Stikkit, and its related program, I want Sandy, were shut down by the author in December, 2008.

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