iSnooze is an iTunes Alarm Clock

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Computers do a lot of things: productivity, communication, entertainment, and so much more. With iSnooze, your system will get you up and moving.

iSnooze is an alarm clock, but it's not like that big chrome wind-up model with the two big bells on top that sits on your nightstand. Instead, it rouses you from your peaceful slumber with playlists from iTunes.

iSnooze sits unobtrusively in your System Tray, waiting for the time for it to spring to life. Once it's time, it'll launch iTunes and start playing from your favorite playlists, or you can put it on Shuffle Play and hope you don't get Black Sabbath at oh-dark-thirty in the morning.

Supporting multiple alarms, you can set them for different times and days of the week. You can have the volume gradually increase, and when you just can't deal, it's got a configurable snooze alarm as well.

And hey, why use it just first thing in the morning? Maybe you want to catch your favorite streaming program every afternoon. Why not have iSnooze give you a hand with that.

iSnooze is a Windows application, and needless to say, it requires iTunes as well.

Download iSnooze

One Response to “iSnooze is an iTunes Alarm Clock”

  1. Dan says:

    This looks like a good application. As soon as I get home I will download it.