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The old saying says that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also makes him stressed, tense, and it messes-up his eyes, too. Sure, you know you need to take a break now and then, but it's easy to say you'll stand up and walk around the office "…just as soon as I finish this paragraph," or finish the next block of code, or get done reading this post, or whatever. What generally happens is that you blow past that chosen milestone and just keep on working.

Time Out acts as a gentle reminder that you need to stop, if only for a few seconds or minutes, and take a break. It allows you to set a "normal" break, where you get up and walk around the room every hour or so, as well as a "micro" break, just a few seconds to lean back, change your focus, and shake the cobwebs out. Your reminders come up by gently dimming the screen, telling you that it's break time, and showing you how long the break is scheduled to last. There's a "snooze" button that lets you postpone the break if this really isn't a good time, or if you're really under the gun, you can just bag this break altogether.

Time Out is a Mac application. It's available as a Universal Binary, and requires OS X 10.3.9 or later. For older versions of OS X, they've still got a down-rev version available as well.

Download Dejal Time Out

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