Remove data completely

screenshot of Eraser

You know that you erase data from a computer hard drive that the data really doesn't go away, right? Even reformatting your drive can leave enough stuff behind that somebody with the right tools and a fair helping of determination could resurrect your old financial information long after you've forgotten about it. Sure, when you dispose of an old system you can pull the hard drive, open it up, and destroy the disk platters. But suppose you want to donate your old laptop to charity, or give it to the kids, or even just get rid of some really bad poetry you've written? You need a tool that really makes it go away.

Eraser is just such a tool. Rather than just relying on your operating system's deleting files, Eraser goes out and overwrites deleted files in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to bring them back. If you've written something on a piece of paper with a pencil and then flipped that pencil around used its eraser to get rid of it, you can still see a shadow of what you wrote. With Eraser, not only have you erased those pencil lines, but now you've gone back and scribbled all over where you had written. Curlicues, cross-hatching, "X's" on everything—you get the idea. Much more difficult to get back what was there originally.

Eraser is a Windows tool. It runs on any 32-bit version of Windows from Win95 on up; it is even supposed to run on DOS.

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