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Here you are, with a bunch of files that are almost identical, but not quite. Whether it's revisions of your letter to Santa, or several iterations of the source code for the Next Big Thing, you've got troubles. You don't really want all those files, but you're scared to death that if you delete any of them, you're going to lose something important. It sure would be nice to know what's in which file.

WinMerge can give you a hand with that task. You can compare the contents of different text files, and see what the differences are, as well as what content they have in common. Using distinctive color-coding and a side-by-side display, it's easy to see how your files stack up against each other. Along with file compares, you can compare directories against each other, showing once again which files are identical and which are different.

WinMerge is clever enough to be able to work with Mac, UNIX, and Windows line endings, so it's not going to show you that two files are totally out of sync just because they're formatted for different platforms. It understands Unicode, so non-Latin characters won't trip it up either.

WinMerge is a Windows application. It requires WinXP or later.

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