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Among its many useful features, UNIX allows users to easily set up and run tasks automatically using "cron", a tool that helps you to schedule and run programs at particular times. A cron job can automatically back-up your system, download your email, check to see if your web site is down, and a zillion other things.

Z-Cron Scheduler lets your Windows system mimic this behavior. You can set tasks to happen on whatever schedule you need, whether hourly, weekly, monthly, or on some other schedule. Virus scan your machine daily; back up your data weekly; download web access logs monthly. You don't have to remember to do any of these if your machine is keeping track of it all instead. You can even have it pop up messages to remind you of things that the computer can't do, like remember to pick up the dry cleaning on the way home.

A free download, Z-Cron Scheduler is a Windows app. It requires Windows 98 or later, including NT.

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  1. Richard van Buren says:

    The usefulness of this program (any task scheduler, BTW) depends largely (if not entirely) depends on the answer to the question “Do the other programs support the ‘Command Line Interface’ (CLI)?”; which is necessary to pass the desired options to the ‘program-to-be-scheduled’.

    If a program doesn’t accept running from the CLI with parameters, then you’re dead out of luck… but it won’t work!

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