Convert characters between English and other languages

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It's a small world out there. While the world itself is the same size it ever was, you're more likely to interact with folks from just about anywhere on the planet than ever before. International business, websites that anybody can access, and such present to you the real possibility of having to write in languages for which your computer is not properly set up. Sure, you can use all kinds of sleight-of-hand to generate French-accented characters with your English-language keyboard, but that doesn't help you get things done quickly. Add to that the need to use non-Latin characters in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Slavic languages, etc., and pretty quick you're going to just throw your hands up and hope that everybody can understand English.

LangOver is a tool that wants to help you leap over this hurdle. The publisher claims that it can convert text from any language to English, and vice versa. No longer will you need to remember complicated commands to get those special characters out there. In addition, it includes functionality to reverse text—turn "abc" into "cba"—and to capitalize passages as well.

LangOver is a Windows application. It requires Win2k or later, and needs the .NET Framework as well.

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  1. divsh says:

    i need this software, thanks

  2. anggra says:

    a good program..

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